net.sourceforge.nite.meta A set of interfaces to be implemented for NITE metadata.
net.sourceforge.nite.meta.impl A metadata implementation.
net.sourceforge.nite.nom The Nite Object Model (NOM) package contains nomread and nomwrite packages: interfaces which can be implemented for read-only or read/write performance as required.
net.sourceforge.nite.nom.export Provides export functions so that NITE data can be used in other applications - currently only a rather incomplete Anvil outputter. Provides the interfaces that allow arbitrary applications to share one NOM between them.
net.sourceforge.nite.nom.nomread.impl A read-only implementation of the NOM.
net.sourceforge.nite.nom.nomwrite A set of interfaces which should be implemented for a read / write NOM.
net.sourceforge.nite.nom.nomwrite.impl An implementation of a read / write NOM.
net.sourceforge.nite.time Provides the interfaces (and some example implementations) that allow components in a NITE display to synchronize with each other.
net.sourceforge.nite.util This package contains a lot of utility classes that didn't fit anywhere else.


net.sourceforge.nite.query NXT Search, including the Parser, and the SearchableCorpus Interface.  


net.sourceforge.nite.gui.actions Simple actions on XML source elements - mainly used by the stylesheet processor.
net.sourceforge.nite.gui.mediaviewer User interface elements for media display.
net.sourceforge.nite.gui.textviewer User interface elements for text display and manipulation, with supporting classes.
net.sourceforge.nite.gui.transcriptionviewer This package supports displaying transcriptions of observations, including any annotations that have been created on top of the transcriptions.
net.sourceforge.nite.gui.util Support components, support for quick development of new tools, search interface, configuration support.


Stylesheet processing
net.sourceforge.nite.nstyle Stylesheet processing for simple corpora
net.sourceforge.nite.nstyle.handler These 'handlers' are mainly used by the stylesheet processor for the simple creation of GUI elements.


Configurable annotation tools Documentation of how to use these default tools for your own corpus. A configurable coder for labeling discourse entities and their relations, such as dialogue acts and adjacency pairs, or rhethorical structure theory elements and relations. A highly configurable transcription tagger for annotating layers such as named entities, pronouns, etc. A Testcoder, used for demonstrating the effect of different settings on the behaviour of the NTranscriptionView class.


Other Packages
net.sourceforge.nite.datainspection PACKAGE UNDER DEVELOPMENT
net.sourceforge.nite.datainspection.calc calc package data package
net.sourceforge.nite.datainspection.example Two example programs to start a datainspection for the AMI corpus.
net.sourceforge.nite.datainspection.timespan Classes and programs to investigate annotations that are non-overlapping, possibly (but not necessarily) continuous, and potentially multi-label.
net.sourceforge.nite.datainspection.view view package