Package net.sourceforge.nite.gui.textviewer

User interface elements for text display and manipulation, with supporting classes.


Interface Summary
Displayer implemented by interfaces which wish to take control of redisplay themselves, rather than leaving redisplay to the limited set of XML actions as pre-defined.
NTASelectionListener Listener interface to get notification of changes in the selection of an NTextArea.
TimeIntervalIterator Utility to allow stateful interation across a timeline, testing, for each time visited, which objects are in context at that time.

Class Summary
GridPanel A NITE GUI Element, this class is designed for the display of objects in a grid-like way.
IconTextElement This is used for inserting icons into an NTextArea.
NiteKeyListener Used to trigger actions by key board events
NTACaretListener do we want to include the timecaret behaviour HERE? why? why not? document: ctrl effect select update also if replay? NO do we extend the CARET span, or do we just update our private selecte3d-highlights, leaving the caret span to be incomplete? if last, we should make the 'updated seelction' properly available from outside.
NTextArea The basic NITE GUI element used to display text - add text to the TextArea using addElement(NTextElement element).
NTextElement An individual piece of text which can be added to an NTextArea.
NTimedLabel This class is used to display timing information.
NTree A simple extension of JTree that allows a data element to be associated with each tree node so that time highlighting and query highlighting can be achieved.
TimeIntervalMapper Class for efficiently selecting objects which overlap particular points on a timeline.

Package net.sourceforge.nite.gui.textviewer Description

User interface elements for text display and manipulation, with supporting classes. DR: suggestion to add below a grouped overview of classes in package (grouping according to main functionality...)

Text Display Area

NTextArea; NITEStyledDocument; PositionElementMapper;

Tree Display

NTree*; (do we want to have the treeviewers in a separate package?)