Package net.sourceforge.nite.datainspection.calc

calc package


Interface Summary
DistanceMetric an interface for distance metrics for alpha.

Class Summary
CoincidenceMatrix CoincidenceMatrix has methods for comparing Two Classifications.
CoincidenceMatrixM DR: DOCUMENTATION IS WRONG! THIS CLASS IS FOR MULTIPLE ANNOTATORS! note: this class considers string values.
ConfusionMatrix This class ConfusionMatrix has methods for comparing Two Classifications.

Package net.sourceforge.nite.datainspection.calc Description

calc package

This package contains the interfaces and classes necessary for calculating: kappa, alpha, distance metric interface, confusion matrices, etc. See datainspection package docs for more info. A package of worker classes for calculation of alpha and kappa measures. Basis is units or Items that are assigned Values between which a certain DistanceMetric holds which is used to calculate Kappa or Alpha from a CoincidenceMatrix. Made by Rieks op den Akker. To be added to this documentation: * use example (but see main method of CoincidenceMatrix) * references to krippendorff, cohen, siegel and castellan writings on basis of which this was implemented * references to Rieks's writings for which package was made * reference to kappa squib mentioning that values in themselves are not enough to provide a reliability analysis.