Updated printable documentation: March 07

Download v 0.2.

Notes on version 0.2: In October 2006, we decided to move over NXT documentation from being completely web-based to being written in DocBook so that we can generate HTML, JavaDoc, and PDF at will. We are rewriting much of the documentation at the same time. Versions of the documentation numbered before v1.0 are incomplete, although the outline gives some idea of our intentions for it. In this version, version 0.2, not all of the information has been checked for accuracy yet. The most likely difficulties concern the following areas: corpus resources, ontologies, and object sets; validation; incomplete description of data set concepts. In addition, not all the formatting works, and the query reference manual has not been fully converted over to DocBook, so it is incomplete and hard to read in this version.

Motivation, History and Funding for NXT

Technical Documents

These are project internal documents that the NXT partners have agreed to make web-accessible.

Documentation for Programmers

There is a space here for a general overview of the programmers' API provided by NXT, but currently there's only the Javadoc that comes with the NXT dowload. We will generally provide Javadoc from the latest CVS build which will not necessarily tally with the NXT version you downloaded, so don't rely on it.

Academic publications

Because we're academics, it helps us if you cite one of our papers when making use of NXT. Please be aware that there were other software products to arise out of the NITE project, and be sure to credit the correct one.

Papers about the NITE XML Toolkit or development concerns

Research papers that mention NXT in use (more than in passing)

Pre-NITE paper motivating the concept

Paper about the NITE project in general


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