NOTE: NXT has been developed through the efforts of many people and over a reasonably long period. It's certainly not a single-person effort. You can see a list of developers at the NXT Sourceforge site, and that certainly isn't the whole story. The main contact person is currently:

  Jonathan Kilgour
  Language Technology Group
  2 Buccleuch Place
  Edinburgh EH8 9LW, UK


If you would like to contribute code or ideas, please use the email address above, or make your contribution directly at the sourceforge site: there are bug-reporting and feature request areas there that we look at regularly.

Student Projects

There are many kinds of student projects that could be designed around NXT: tests of under-utilized functionality, improvements, and explorations of the relationships to developing standards and other software products. We welcome student involvement, and under the right circumstances can sometimes even act as adjunct (but long distance!) supervisors for student work.

We hope that over time, we will be able to fulfill the requests we've had to list specific projects along with indications of what kinds of students they require. In the meantime, here are some headline areas for places where we'd like to see student work:

And, of course, the feature requests and bug reports on Sourceforge could be a fruitful source of inspiration for students. As time goes on, we'll try to be more specific, but meanwhile, if you're interested, get in touch.


Last modified 10/22/07