This is the new version of our popular XML toolkit. We have used standard markup languages in our NLP work for over 20 years. At first we used SGML, building a toolkit called LT-NSL. We converted to XML while participating in the W3C’s standardization process, and the new version of the toolkit was called LT-XML. Our tools included predecessors to several now-standard XML-related technologies, notably XPath and XInclude. We have developed a new toolkit, LT-XML 2, which uses these standards.

The LT-XML 2 toolkit includes APIs for parsing XML documents (both as event streams and as trees), creating them, serializing them (writing them out) and navigating them with XPath queries. Built on top of these APIs are several programs useful for NLP.

On the DICE machines in Informatics, the LT-XML 2 tools are available in /group/ltg/projects/lcontrib/bin.




Filename Size Version Date Notes Checksum
LTXML2 source N/A 1.1.1 07/07/2021

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