• Beatrice Alex (Head of group): Text mining, natural language processing, annotation
  • Arlene Casey: Natural language processing, machine learning
  • Elaine Farrow: Natural language processing, machine learning, learning analytics
  • Andreas Grivas: Relation extraction, named entity recognition, dependency parsing, neural networks
  • Claire Grover: Text mining and geoparsing
  • Vasilis Karaiskos: Digital humanities, web development, annotation
  • Ewan Klein: Information extraction, computational semantics
  • Clare Llewellyn: Social media analysis, topic modelling, sentiment analysis
  • Henry S Thompson: Markup languages, philosophy of the Web, the future of Cognitive Science
  • Richard Tobin: XML, text mining

PhD and MSc by Research Students

  • Vebjørn Espeland (MRes): Coreference resolution and interactive machine learning. How can incremental learning with newly labelled and domain specific data increase accuracy, efficiency and application uptake for legal technology users. 
  • Matúš Falis (PhD): Addressing Concept Sparsity in Medical Text with Medical Ontologies
  • Lucy Havens (PhD): Identifying and classifying bias in the descriptive language of cultural heritage catalog metadata
  • Antoine Lain (PhD, 1st supervisor: Ian Simpson): Capture of phenotype information related to Autism Spectrum Disorder from the public biomedical literature

Previous Staff and Researchers