The Language Technology Group conducts research and development in a number of areas. Some of the  current and past LTG projects are listed here.

Current and recent projects:
Plague.TXT Extracting Epidemiological Data from Historic Outbreak Reports.
EdIE-EHR Natural language processing technology for raw text in electronic healthcare records.
Palimpsest Text mining literature set in Edinburgh. The Palimpsest database of geo-referenced literary excerpts can be accessed via the interface.
Hiberlink Assessing the extent of “reference rot”
S-CASE Parsing software requirements.
BotaniTours Aggregating and mining information on botanical points of interest in the Scottish Borders.
Trading Consequences Text mining large data collections for information commodity trading in the 19th century.
Past projects:
DEEP The Digitisation of England’s Placenames
Google Ancient Places Finding Ancient Mediterranean Places in Literature
• SYNC3 Large-scale news and blog analysis.
BOPCRIS Named entity tagging of historical parliamentary proceedings.
• TXV Text mining applied to the recruitment domain.
TXM Text mining for biomedial content.
EASIE Combining shallow semantics and domain knowledge.
SEER Machine learning for named entity recognition.
• SUM Summarisation of legal texts.
CROSSMARC Cross-retail multi-agent retail comparison.

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