The Language Technology Group conducts research and development in a number of areas. Some of the  current and past LTG projects are listed here.

Current projects:

Past projects:

  • GeoGazScot: Geoparsing the Gazetteers of Scotland.
  • COVID-19 Clinical Guideline Browser: A tool for sharing and understanding hospital guidelines
  • Plague.TXT: Extracting Epidemiological Data from Historic Outbreak Reports.
  • Palimpsest: Text mining literature set in Edinburgh. The Palimpsest database of geo-referenced literary excerpts can be accessed via the interface.
  • Trading Consequences: Text mining large data collections for information commodity trading in the 19th century.
  • Hiberlink: Assessing the extent of “reference rot”
  • S-CASE: Parsing software requirements.
  • BotaniTours: Aggregating and mining information on botanical points of interest in the Scottish Borders.
  • DEEP: The Digitisation of England’s Placenames
  • Google Ancient Places: Finding Ancient Mediterranean Places in Literature • SYNC3 Large-scale news and blog analysis.
  • BOPCRIS: Named entity tagging of historical parliamentary proceedings. • TXV Text mining applied to the recruitment domain.
  • TXM: Text mining for biomedial content.
  • EASIE: Combining shallow semantics and domain knowledge.
  • SEER: Machine learning for named entity recognition. • SUM Summarisation of legal texts.
  • CROSSMARC: Cross-retail multi-agent retail comparison.

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