An integrated set of XML tools and a developers’ tool-kit, including a C-based API. The tools have been superseded by those available from LT-XML2.

The 1.2.9 release contains only the libraries and header files, for use with the PyLTXML interface (used in XED and XSV)

A Python interface (PyLTXML) is also available. The 2009 versions of the PyLTXML binaries were built with Python 2.5, the earlier ones with Python 2.4.






Filename Size Version Date Notes Checksum
source N/A 1.2.9 28/08/2009
rpm N/A 1.2.9 27/08/2009
win32 N/A 1.2.8 03/01/2008
PyLTXML source N/A 1.3 r9 16/01/2008
PyLTXML win32 binary N/A 1.3 r4 25/10/2009
PyLTXML rpm N/A 1.3 r9 16/01/2008
PyLTXML deb N/A 1.3 r9 16/01/2008

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