Try Running NXT

Once you have downloaded NXT from SourceForge, you will want to try it out. Make sure you have a recent version of Java installed on your machine: Java 1.4.2_04 is the minimum requirement and Java 1.5 is recommended. Learn about Java on your platform, and download the appropriate version using Sun's Java Pages.

Mac notes - make sure QuickTime is installed before playing media files. If media files still don't play, you may need to edit the .command file using a text editor. You will find an alternative java call that can be swapped in, containing a -Xbootclasspath parameter. Try this instead of the default java call. We're currently unsure exactly why some macs need this parameter but some don't work with it.

If you have problems playing media files, you may need to consult How To Play Media in NXT. If you have other questions about the NXT, try the How to ...? section.

Read Some Background

Read why NXT was developed. If you want to read a non-technical overview of what the software can do, start with:

or, for slightly more up-to-date information, see this Powerpoint presentation from September 2004.

See the Publications and Information page for more reading.


Last modified 09/05/07