Class OptionPaneHandler

  extended by net.sourceforge.nite.nstyle.handler.NDisplayObjectHandler
      extended by net.sourceforge.nite.nstyle.handler.JComponentHandler
          extended by net.sourceforge.nite.nstyle.handler.OptionPaneHandler

public class OptionPaneHandler
extends JComponentHandler

judyr An option panel is used to throw up a dialogue box in front of the user where they can type input. Other components like buttons, lists, combo boxes and text fields can be added to these, in fact any jComponent

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void addChild(NDisplayObjectHandler child)
          Should be able to add any component to this
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Constructor Detail


public OptionPaneHandler()
Method Detail


public void addChild(NDisplayObjectHandler child)
Should be able to add any component to this

addChild in class JComponentHandler
child - The child to add.
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