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First release of LT-XML 2

LT-XML 2 is now available for download.

We are pleased to announce the first release of LTXML2, the new version of LTG's XML toolkit. This release is binary-only, for Mac and Linux. We intend to do a source release later in the year.

The software can be downloaded from

From the README file:

LTXML2 Preview Binary Release, June 2007

About LTXML2

LTXML2 is the new version of LTG's XML toolkit. These tools were designed for use in NLP (Natural Language Processing) applications, but many of them are useful for general-purpose XML processing.

LTXML2 consists of a C API for reading, writing, and modifying XML documents, an XPath library, and several applications built with these. The present release contains only the applications.

The applications include among others lxgrep, a grep-like program for XML; lxt, an XSLT 1.0 implementation; lxprintf, a program for generating plain-text tables from an XML document; and lxsort, a sorting program.

Also included is lxtransduce, which is a key part of LT-TTT 2, our set of shallow text NLP tools. LT-TTT 2 will be released this summer.


This release contains only binaries, manual pages, and the lxtransduce DTD. Copy the files into suitables directories on your system (e.g. /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/man/man1, and /usr/local/share). You may wish to add a reference to the lxtransduce DTD to your XML catalog if you use one.

Versions compiled for Linux and MacOS X are available.


There is an ltxml2 manual page with a very brief introduction to the programs, and an individual manual page for each program. Most of the programs are straightforward and controlled by command-line options, but for lxtransduce there is also an introduction to the rule files available at

The forthcoming LT-TTT 2 release will include scripts and tutorial for lxtransduce.


The files in this release are Copyright 2007 Richard Tobin, LTG, HCRC, University of Edinburgh. They may not be redistributed. We plan to make a source release later in the year.


Most of these programs have not yet been widely used, so expect to find bugs. Please report them to

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