lxt, lxtn — XSLT 1.0 processor


lxt [ -v ] [ -p param value ...] -s stylesheet [ input-file ]

lxt [ -v ] [ -p param value ...] input-file stylesheet

lxtn [ -v ] [ -p param value ...] -s stylesheet [ input-file ]

lxtn [ -v ] [ -p param value ...] input-file stylesheet


lxt is an XSLT 1.0 processor. lxtn is a variant with extensions to support the NITE document format. The form of arguments where the stylesheet is specified with -s is preferred; the alternative form is for compatibility with some other processors.

The input-file and stylesheet arguments may be URIs instead of filenames. In the -s form, if no input-file argument is given, standard input is used.


verbose output; various warnings are given which would usually be considered unimportant. These are mostly cases where the XSLT spec allows for error recovery, such as multiple templates with equal priority.

-p param value

assign a value to an XSLT parameter. Only string values are allowed.


The exsl:document function is provided to allow multiple output documents.

The lxtn version of the program provides several extension functions in the NITE namespace ( All node arguments default to the context node.


returns true if its argument node is a NITE child link.


returns true if its argument node is a NITE pointer link.


returns the destination of the link if the argument node is a NITE link, otherwise returns the node itself.


as resolve, but only follows child links.


as resolve, but only follows pointer links.


The HTML output method does not conform fully to the standard (boolean attributes are not minimised; non-ascii characters in URI attribute values are not escaped).

There is no way to tell the program to use a stylesheet specified in a processing instruction in the input document.

The use of result-tree fragments as node-sets is not prohibited.

The mechanism for defining extensions is not documented.