lxniteunknit — Unknit NXT documents


lxniteunknit [ -xmlns[:prefix]=uri ...] [ -l link-query ] [ input-file ]


lxniteunknit is intended for use with documents in NITE XML Toolkit (NXT) format. It takes a fully knitted document and converts it back to standoff format, according to the metadata file.

Note that the unknitted files will be only contain whatever data was in the knitted file; parts of the original data that were not linked to cannot be reconstructed!

The input-file argument may be a URI instead of a filename. If no input-file argument is given, standard input is used.

-m meta-file

the metadata file used to control the unknitting.

-p filename-prefix

the first part of the filename for the unknitted files (the rest of the name is determined from the metadata).