Backplane meeting notes for TAG

Henry S. Thompson
20 Nov 2006

1. Links

The Backplane proposal itself is now published as a CG Note.

The meeting agenda contains links to most of the presentations.

2. Day 1

Emphasis is on binding/events/choreography

IBM/Orbeon/??? approach of server-side 'compilation' from rich descriptions producing large wodge of html/css/js/XMLHttpRequest etc. for delivery and execution on the client.

Also serious investment in MVC: XML is the model, backplane support the event bindings which drive the controller.

Controller is fundamentally procedural (?)

Deletion example: bindings to parts of subtree that do appropriate updates wrt views (not just browser presentation, but e.g. spreadsheet-style functionality)

pattern-directed invocation in response to drag-and-drop

Binding to pipelines is an interesting version of binding to declarative handlers

Click events, submit events and 'intent-based'/'abstract' events may expect/require wildly different latencies.

Lots of uncertainty about Event specs at W3C, turf wars, etc. Editors' draft of XML Events vnext is supposed to exist, but needs to be published.

Looking for a generalisation over XMLHttpRequest and (XForms) submission. . . .

'intent-based' is connected up with Accessibility: gestures and actions == binding events to ...

Ontology of actions, locality of bindings, who's on top, abstract events, extensibility. . .: "Using events/binding for Loose Coupling of Applications feels very different to me from the kind of binding that goes on between gestures and actions."

Rhys Lewis is v. keen on 'Delivery Context' -- Accessibility and Device Independence have a shared interest here

Security/privacy issues arise wrt user preferences

Minutes (note member-only for now, agreement to make public once a few slide authors are contacted).

3. Day 2

Agreement that one grand deliverable won't work.

Short-term focus on three/four areas: submission, data model, and eventing/access

Task-forces being set up to coordinate, move forward in those areas, see minutes.

Minutes (note member-only for now, agreement to make public once a few slide authors are contacted).

4. Raw conclusions (not for distribution outside TAG)

There are many WGs whose technical area intersects with the Backplane's. Some are heavily involved with the Backplane effort, others are watching, some are perhaps not very supportive.

IBM are making most of the running: John Boyer, Kevin Kelly, Charlie Wiecha, Rafah Hosn. The Device Independence people are interested in a focussed sort of way: Al Gilman and Rhys Lewis keen to see this as a way of addressing both accessibility and gesture/action binding problems. Voice Browser (Scott McGlashan) and SMIL (Dick Bulterman, Jack Jansen) are interested, because they see overlap in particular areas which will give their work more leverage (State Control XML (SCXML) for VBWG, event management for SMIL)

TAG perspective (as imperfectly offered by me) was welcome (although apparently there's some perceived history of difficulty arising from trying to sell things as declarative, so some nervousness about being too upfront about that). Security/same-site/DLL-hell nexus, versioning/extensibility nexus, state/bookmarking/back-button nexus all sparked interest and discussion. My interest in streaming did not immediately strike a chord, but eventually got some buyin.

General agreement that TAG watching brief was a good idea. Open to a range of mechanisms, for example slot on TAG telcon, joint meeting at Tech Plenary next autumn.