Web Proper Names:
URIs for Things, as Opposed to Web Pages

Henry S. Thompson

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World Wide Web Consortium

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HCRC Language Technology Group
School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

XML Open Conference 2004
Cambridge, UK

22 September 2004

Copyright © 2004 Henry S. Thompson


This talk presents work done jointly with Harry Halpin.

Overview of the Talk

  1. The Semantic Web project and the need for interoperable names
  2. The world and the web
  3. The problem with URIs
  4. Web Proper Names

The Semantic Web project

The Semantic Web needs interoperable names

Interoperable names, cont'd

Names, the world and the web

Names, cont'd

Names for the web

The problem with URIs

web pages about the Eiffel Tower

The problem with URIs, cont'd

A parenthesis about wishful nomenclature

The side of the bus

The wpn URI scheme

The wpn URI scheme, cont'd

Web Proper Names in detail

Web Proper Names unpacked

Web Proper Name functionality

Web Proper Name architecture

web pages about the Eiffel Tower

Extended WPNs