URIs and the architecture of the World Wide Web

Henry S. Thompson
School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh
W3C Technical Architecture Group
Markup Technology Ltd.
1 February 2008

1. Acknowledgements

2. URIs unpacked

3. An aside about standards (bodies)

4. More about syntax

5. The nature of resources

6. More about resources

7. More about identification

8. What about web pages?

9. Resources vs. representations

10. A digression about media types and encodings

11. Multiple representations

12. Information resources

13. The Network Effect

14. Architecture of the World Wide Web

15. Grandmother observations about the Web

16. More from Grandma Webarch

17. More on terminology and technology

18. The infamous 'httpRange-14' question

19. The TAG's resolution of httpRange-14

20. Conclusions