DIPPER -- Dialogue Prototyping Equipment & Resources

DIPPER is a collaborative initiative of the Language Technology Group at The University of Edinburgh and CSLI Stanford to create a shared software database to comfort in prototyping dialogue systems, using OAA as communication protocol. DIPPER is not a dialogue system itself, but DIPPER supports building (spoken) dialogue systems, by offering interfaces to speech recognisers (Nuance), speech synthesisers (Festival), dialogue managers, natural language understanding, and automated reasoning (SPASS, Bliksem, Mace, PARADOX).

Downloading DIPPER software

DIPPER software is freely available for research purposes. Click here to go to the download page and click here for an overview of the currently available DIPPER components. Further OAA wrappers are available from CSLI Stanford. Click here for local documentation.

DIPPER Publications

  • Johan Bos, Tetsushi Oka (2003): Building Spoken Dialogue Systems for Believable Characters. Proceedings of the seventh workshop on the semantics and pragmatics of dialogue (DIABRUCK).
    Download: ps.gz

  • Johan Bos, Ewan Klein, Oliver Lemon, Tetsushi Oka (2003): DIPPER: Description and Formalisation of an Information-State Update Dialogue System Architecture. 4th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue, Sapporo, Japan.
    Download: pdf


Johan Bos, Alex Gruenstein, Oliver Lemon, Tetsushi Oka